COVID-19: Changing the future perspective of our business

CORE Facility Services have undertaken a detailed review of the requirements currently being undertaken at facilities due to COVID-19. Due to its impact on the current infection control procedure, CORE has discovered a complete mindset change is required to avoid future outbreaks and maintain the current low levels of influenza and common cold virus.

CORE Facility Services intends to change this situation with more day cleaning, concentrating on cleaning with the eyes, touch points, high use areas, kitchen and restrooms through-out the day at regular intervals. This will then leave only floors and bins to completed in the evenings when most of the staff are not around.

The CORE staff then become a part of your team, being onsite to rectify any issues immediately, thereby reducing potential staining from spills which in turn reduces your need for periodical floor surface cleaning. They can also identify outstanding maintenance issues that often get left behind causing problems at a later date.

     The other change to existing systems is the pricing of cleaning services based on sqm of floor space, whilst productivity rates have long been accepted under this system this will now need to change to accommodate the future needs.

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